World cabbage day

World cabbage day is on February the 17th, write it down now.

World cabbage day is a day of international culinary delight and desire. A day in which the pleasure and simplicity of the cabbage is celebrated. The green leaves of delight slowly pealed back to reveal the heart of the matter, the cabbage.

Cabbages are a long forgotten and misused vegetable. It has a very humble beginnings starting, as it did, from the primeval slime of yesteryear. It lives most of it's life close to the ground, keeping it's head down and out of trouble. After growing green and frilly on the ground it is picked and taken to the best restaurants in town, where when prepared properly it is a fruit bats delight.

Snails are one of the cabbages worst enemy's doing untold damage to it's fragile green leaves.

On this day, celebrate! Eat cabbages and be merry.

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